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Carpet Flooring Guide

Are you looking for a new carpet for your residential or commercial setting? Look no further than Columbia River Carpet One Floor & Home in Rainier, Oregon. We offer one of the area's best selections of quality carpets, and we also provide expert services to make sure you make a perfect choice. Our services include carpet installations, and our friendly team is always here to give you advice on performance and design.

Types of Carpet

When compared to other flooring options, carpet is certainly the most versatile. There are so many different thicknesses, textures, colors, and patterns from which to choose. You can, for example, choose a comfortable plush carpet, or you can opt for something more durable like a low-pile nylon carpet. At the same time, you can take advantage of the different carpet designs, including level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush.

Types of Carpet Fibers

The type of fiber used to make your carpet will determine its function and texture.

Nylon is a synthetic carpet fiber that is a high-performing option because of its durability and resilience.

Polyester is a bright fiber, so you can find many colors available in polyester carpets. Also, it is relatively durable and is ideal for moderately trafficked areas of your home.

Olefin is a fiber that is known for its vibrant colors. It is commonly used for loop carpets and Berbers.

Triexta is naturally stain-resistant, which makes it unique. It can be cleaned quickly and easily since spills don’t penetrate the fibers.

Wool is a natural carpet fiber that comes from a renewable resource. It is an eco-friendly choice, and to keep it looking its best, it must be maintained professionally.

Pet-Friendly Carpet

There are many carpets available today that are perfectly suited for homes with pets. Stain-resistant, odor-defying, and stylish, these products make life simple and worry-free. Our selection includes waterproof carpets, which are designed to block pet urine and spills from reaching your carpet pad and subfloor. We also have many different carpet designs that disguise pet fur between cleanings.

What Are Carpet Remnants?

A carpet remnant is a leftover piece of carpet from an installation or other project that is not damaged or worn in any way. Carpet remnants are usually sold at a lower cost than the typical carpet, which is one of the reasons why they’re ideal for small projects or projects where you have to cut up the carpet. They can be made of a variety of carpet fibers and materials, and it usually depends on what project they came from!

Carpet Remnant Projects

Not sure if a carpet remnant suits your project? We can help! There are many ways that carpet remnants can be used today. For example, cat trees can be costly to purchase, especially when cats tear them up quickly. Instead, opt for a carpet remnant and replace old carpet yourself! Another project where carpet remnants can make your life easier is when moving furniture. Whether you have a large desk or want to move an appliance, you can place them underneath items and drag them to keep them from ruining your hard surface floors. Lastly, carpet remnants can be used to cover small spaces in your home with carpet. Do you have litter boxes or crates that sit on the floor? Set them on top of a carpet remnant instead, and your hardwood will not be exposed to the tough materials!

Where Can Carpet Be Installed?

The carpet is perfect for any space that you want to make cozy and warm. Once installed, it will help insulate your room, as well as absorb noises like footsteps, voices, televisions, and pet claws for a quieter environment. Plus, it creates a comfortable place to walk, sit, and play on for all your family members. Avoid installing carpets in kitchens and bathrooms, where moisture can lead to problems down the road. We also have commercial carpet and carpet tiles for business settings.

Our Carpet Selection

As the best place to buy carpet near you, we’re your one-stop shop for carpet flooring and carpet installation services. Thanks to our membership in the Carpet One cooperative, we are locally owned and operated, but able to bring you better carpet deals and prices. This is because we have greater buying power with suppliers. Essentially, you can get the same prices you see at big box stores, with the friendly, personalized care of a small business. A few of our best carpet brands include Innovia Xtreme Clean, Karastan, and Marquees Soft Luxury. Our showroom proudly serves Rainier and all of Columbia County, Oregon. Visit us in person today or start browsing our carpet selection online now.


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