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Vinyl Flooring at Columbia River Carpet One

Water is the common the enemy of many flooring products on the market, but what if we told you we had a water proof option for you? The flooring industry has been making strides in creating the perfect flooring for your home. Vinyl isn't just large sheets of fake looking wood. It now looks and feels like real hardwood, all while preforming under the toughest challenges. Don’t worry about spilling water or muddy paws any longer, check out our luxury vinyl options!

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invincible h2o

Invincible H2O

Invincible H2O is a Carpet One exclusive flooring option! It's one of the best water proof flooring options we offer, read more to find out why!

Invincible H2O
Visit us in store at 105 B Street West , Rainier! We also offer commercial flooring services using luxury vinyl!
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