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Surface Art is one of the premier tile brands we carry in our showroom. Now that you have decided you want to use tile for your next project, the next step is choosing the right tile that will last. Tile is one of the oldest surface materials in the world, and although styles and aesthetics have changed, the manufacturing process has not.

Tiles are made with raw materials like clay and sand, and are fired in a kiln. Chemicals are added to create shapes in the tiles, and glass is used for glazing the tiles. Tiles can be used in multiple settings and are not just meant for flooring.

Surface Art tile

Surface Art Tile Options

Wall tile from Surface Art is inherently porous and is ceramic. These tiles can only be used on walls, and have a porcelain glaze for scratch and stain resistance. Most wall tiles feature an absorption rating of 7% or more and can only be used indoors.

Ceramic tile is primarily for residential use. Ceramic tile is relatively porous so it shouldn’t be installed in areas with a lot of moisture. Ideally you can install ceramic tile in places like your kitchen and bathroom and cannot be used outside.

Surface Art also manufactures porcelain tile. They offer porcelain in two different options, one can absorb some moisture and the other is almost completely moisture resistant and can be installed both inside and outside.

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