Life Resistant Flooring

Life throws a lot fo curve balls, let your floors catch some of them

Stain resistant carpet is top rated for most home owners 

Carpet’s ability to stand up against dirt and stains is a homeowner’s main concern when considering making a purchase.  Life’s mishaps are inevitable no matter how you protect your carpet from spills, pet messes, or tracked mud. Many turn to stain proof carpets, but not all are created equal.

It is pretty normal for a manufacturer to offer topical treatments to apply to the fibers of the carpet to prevent dirt and spills from seeping into the core of the material. Keep in mind that there are limitations to how much dirt it is able to repel as well as how long the treatment will last. The chemical coating is better than nothing, but it can sometimes disappoint those who expect more from a topical treatment.

Most manufacturers will offer some sort of stain resistant treatment, but remember that there is no such thing as “stain proof”. If a manufacture is trust worthy, they will not claim their product is stain proof because even the toughest spill, if not treated correctly, could leave a permanent stain. Stain protection is effective against most spills and is better than no protection at all. Stain resistance also varies depending on the age of the carpet and if it has been exposed to harsh chemicals that could have worn out the original coating.

If you want to keep your stain resistant carpets performing at their best, always follow the manufacturers care instructions. Using harsh chemicals such as bleach will remove any protective coating applied to the carpet.  The quicker you clean up a spill, the less likely it is to stain. Some general cleaning tips are to blot the stain immediately and use water or a mild detergent to clean the area. If you rub the stain, you run the risk of causing the stain to seep deeper into the carpet fibers.

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Mohawk flooring has come out with a technologically advanced carpet fiber known as SmartStrand. What’s essential to the built-in stain resistance of this carpet is the organic fibers that are used in the material. The liquid abortion qualities are very low (0.1% liquid absorption rate) meaning stains can be wiped away much more easily. The strands are also in a zig-zag pattern compared to straight strands, which allows it to rebound after being compressed, leaving it softer longer.

Watch this video to see just how tough SmartStrand carpets are!