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Why Professional Installation Is Important

We know our customers like to be hands on and are “do it yourself” kind of people. When it comes to our customers we want to help them any way possible and make buying flooring easy. That is why we offer professional carpet installation at Columbia River Carpet One Floor & HomeContact us today to get started!

Here are some reasons why you should consider professional installation:

Before the Install –

Many professional installers will move your furniture for you, eliminating a very time consuming part of the process. They also do subfloor prep for you, which means after they remove the old carpet they make sure the subfloor is free of imperfections, and if they need to reinforce or replace the old tackles strip, or if the carpet pad needs to be glued down.

During the Install –

When doing a DIY install there are steps that can sometimes be missed that a professional installer makes a point of doing. They make sure doorways clear the height of the carpet, and adjust them accordingly. They also make sure that any nearby furniture or flooring is protected from any potential damage while installing the new floor.

Seams –

The new carpet needs to laid out and seamed together according to a diagram. Professional installer’s take into account foot traffic as well as where light enters the room to make sure the seams are well hidden so they do not cast a shadow, or accidentally become pulled up. This is a painful and exacting process that is hard to do without the proper tools.

Stretching –

The most common problem from a DIY job is stretching. Majority of the time it is not stretched enough resulting in ripples over time in the carpet. Installers use special tools that the carpet is being completely stretched to the point where it is good if excess needs to be cut before being stapled down.

After the Install –

Once the new floors are down and the install is complete you’re left with the old carpet and padding. Professional installers have a resource to dispose of the material, where DIY’ers are left either leaving it in the front yard as an eye sore, or paying money to have it properly disposed.

The greatest benefit of hiring a professional installer is having a warranty. Many installers guarantee some form of warranty if over time there are imperfections from a poor installation job. If you do it yourself any mistakes are at your own expense.

If you’re looking to buy a new carpet and need help installing visit us at our showroom in Rainier, OR and a flooring expert will help you choose your new carpet and get you set up with a professional installer. If you can’t make it in be sure to fill out a form and a sales expert with contact you shortly!