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Bel Terra Tile

At Columbia River Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re passionate about tile’s endless possibilities, and that’s why we’re proud to offer up a full inventory of beautiful Bel Terra tile products. This Carpet One Floor & Home exclusive brand offers up all the looks you love in glass, stone, metal, ceramic, and porcelain tile products. Affordable elegance is achieved for all of your favorite indoor and outdoor spaces with this vibrant, trend-conscious family of tile products. With Bel Terra, your designer dreams are always in close reach. 

Bel terra tile

Ceramic tile

Bel Terra’s ceramic tile lines present many creative takes on a true classic. Versatile and extremely dense, these ceramics are the perfect addition to your bathroom floor, or even a kitchen backsplash, presenting endless design potential. 

Realistic wood looks 

Achieving the coveted textures and visuals of beautiful hardwood or stone, Bel Terra’s organically-included tile and plank makes it easy to stay atop of the trend list. Budget-friendly, moisture-compatible, and easy to maintain, there’s a lot to love about these amazing, authentic-appearing products. 

Decorative Accents

Add a pop of color or texture with Bel Terra’s decorative accent tile. Whether you’re seeking something bold, or somewhat more subdued, it’s easy to transform your walls and floors to fit your creative personality. Make a serious statement with these cutting edge and customizable accent tiles. 

Stone Tile 

Stone tile is a wonderful option for both indoors and out, whether you’re prettying up a patio or enticing guests into your entryway. From intriguing mosaics to brilliant accents, Bel Terra’s natural stone tile offerings are a great way to add lasting, durable style and function. 

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